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Mission No. 214
457th Bomb Group '749th Bomb Squadron
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Mission Narrative

Mission No. 214
Date - March 21, 1945
Target - Hopsten
The primary target for the 457th on this date was an airfield at Hopsten, Germany. The 8th was flying in support of the Allied troops preparing to cross the Rhine. Because of dense contrails over the target the goup elected to make a second pass. The lead ship was hit by flak and turned the lead over to the deputy. The group dropped 2000 feet below the planned bombing altitude to avoid the contrails and bombed in squadron formation. Bomb results were fair for the low squadron and good for the lead and high squadron. Flak was heavy and accurate and the high squadron deputy lead plane s/n 42-38113 was hit badly and left the formation.
Plane 43-38113, named "Rene III," was flying deputy lead of the high squadron and piloted by Lt Craig Greason. The plane was hit by flak before reaching the target area and left the formation. #4 engine was hit and the wing was ablaze. The crew bailed out and evaded capture except for Sgt Wagner, the engineer, who was taken prisoner.


The crew was as follows:
     Plane s/n 42-38113     
PilotLt Craig P. Greason - EVD   POW
CopilotLt Ralph L. Gray - EVD   POW
NavigatorLt Rudolph Haumann - EVD   POW
BombardierLt Thomas E. Madigan - EVD   POW
Aircraft EngineerSgt William R. Wagner - POW   POW
Radio OperatorSgt Ralph s. Ingraham - EVD   POW
Left Waist GunnerSgt Garland L. Frost - EVD   POW
Ball Turret GunnerSgt Blair Arsenault - EVD   POW
Tail GunnerSgt Kenneth L. Hazeltine - EVD  POW

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