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Mission No. 126
457th Bomb Group '749th Bomb Squadron
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Mission Narrative

Mission No. 126
Date - September 26, 1944
Target - Osnabruck
On this mission to Osnabrook, Germany, the 457th was assigned the marshalling yards on the outskirts of the city. Major Watson led 35 planes to the target and no enemy fighters were encountered. The bombs were dropped from 27000 feet and flak at the target was moderate. One squadron was unable to drop because of interference from another squadron and instead of the primary target bombed an airfield as a target of opportunity. On the way home one plane, s/n 42-32079, was hit by very accurate flak at the Dutch Coast and crashed near Haarlem, Holland.
Plane s/n 42 32079, named "Delayed Lady / Jayhawk," and piloted by Lt. Carl H. Gooch, bombed the target and was returning with the group. As they passed over the Dutch coast, light but accurate flak was hurled at the group. Lt Gooch's plane took a direct hit near the nose of the plane, blowing off the nose and damaging the pilots compartment and top turret. Engines #3 and #4 were feathered and the plane lost altitude and disappeared to the group. Two of the crew were killed, two became POW's and five evaded capture. Gooch, Kelsey and Angott, were hidden by the Dutch and avoided capture till the liberation.

......... Crew

The crew was as follows:
     Plane s/n 42-32079     
PilotLt Carl H. Gooch EVD
CopilotLt John P Quillin POW
NavigatorLt Rupert L. Phipps EVD
ToggleerSgt Donald J. Reilly   KIA       More
Aircraft EngineerSgt Alexander P McDermott EVD
Radio OperatorSgt Wilbur H. Parker   KIA  
Left Waist Gunnersgt Clement W. Kelsey EVD
Ball Turret GunnerSgt Leo J. Chermark POW
Tail GunnerSgt Thomas V. Angott EVD
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