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457th Bomb Group Strike Photos

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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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All Group and Squadron lead planes had a fixed lens camera located under the floor of the radio room. When the bombardier released the bombs these cameras started taking photographs at a selected time interval till sometime after the bombs hit the ground. There were thousands of strike photos taken. We present here only a few so that you might see how accurate the Norden bomb sight was on a clear day. These photos were closely examined by Intelligence to determine the extent of the damage to the target.
Strike Photos for Group Mission #213 to Fulda-Plauen, Germany on Mar 19th, 1945.

This is the mission I describe in some detail in my "This is Mission Possible" story on the home page. Plauen was the primary target but with full cloud cover over the target the group elected to proceed to bomb the marshalling yards at the secondary target (Fulda). The bomb drop was unusual in that one of the first bombs dropped by the group landed on a muntition train and the resultant explosion blew up most of the rest of the yard. Bombing results were extraordinarily good as you can see from these strike photos.

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