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457th Bomb Group Miscellaneous Items
Part of the Bernie Baines Collection
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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This page of images consists of photos that were taken of a parade in the town of Peterborough in celebration of victory. V-E Day, 1945.
bbm143.jpg   bbm144.jpg   bbm145.jpg   bbm146.jpg
American soldiers parading. British soldiers parading. British soldiers at rest in the town courtyard. American troops parading the stars and stripes.
bbm147.jpg   bbm148.jpg   bbm149.jpg   bbm150.jpg
The crowds assembled in the streets of Peterborough. The British navy parades by. The Womens Auxiliary Corp, WAC's, parade with the rest. More American soldiers, probably airmen.
bbm151.jpg   bbm152.jpg   bbm153.jpg   bbm154.jpg
Saluting the flag. American GI's pass by in parade. British soldiers parade by with rifles. A view of Peterborough City Hall taken many years before the war. You will recognize that this is where most of these previous parade photos were taken.
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