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457th Bomb Group Miscellaneous Items
Part of the Bernie Baines Collection
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Another aerial photo of the Glatton airfield taken by the RAF on Jun 7th, 1946. The field had been abandoned for about a year when this photo was taken.
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This is another of the rest homes (Flak Homes) where we were sent to rest after our first 15 missions. We had a week here with all the luxuries of home (almost) with no responsibilities or worries. We were treated royally. This manor home was run by the Red Cross and was called Stanbridge Earls.
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This is a relic from hut No. 5 in the 749th Squadron area. We can't read all the names, can you?
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This is Bernie Baines write up of the "Saga of Hamtrammack Mama". The sketch referred to herein as having been found by a British soldier in Brussels, is the next thumbnail on this page.
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This is the sketch of "Hamtrammack Mama" 42-107026 found on the wall of a Brussels hospital filled with German wounded. Read the account of this in thumbnail above.
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Signpost at the corner of flightline tells the mileage to Berlin and Texas.
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