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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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The crew of Lt Green B. Poore in Wendover, taken on Dec 29th, 1943 before going overseas. Lt George L Brice, Sgt Smith, Sgt Lynn W.Rice, Sgt Oren E. Hobbs, Sgt George T. Murphy, Sgt Ralph R. Stowe, Jr, F/O Frank J. Rowe, Lt James F. Oldenhage, Lt Green B. Poore (pilot)
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Lt. J.H. Apel and crew. Lt J. Apel, Lt D Karr, Lt R. Condon, Sgt P. Finkelstein, Sgt M. Woodell, Sgt E. Paprota, Sgt D. Rogers, Cpl C. Edwards, Sgt K Krise.
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Lt Marks and crew on Oct 14th, 1944. Lt Jack D. Marks, Lt Keneth L. Yap, Lt Harold L. Kaplan, Lt Richard K. Newman, Sgt Junior P. Schaner, Sgt George T. Stefani, Sgt Roy L. Walker, Sgt Dincil J. Adams, Sgt E. R. Sunday
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Lt Paul Gilbert and crew in front of the home in Glatton. Sgt Ray Conway, Sgt c. Borland, Sgt. E. Pappalardo, Sgt Dave Foltz, Sgt R. Wright, Sgt R. Moore, Lt J Duffy, Lt P Gilbert, Lt R. Palmer, Lt A. Brown.
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Lt A. W. Reese and crew after completing their flight training. J. McCloskey - BT, P. Mack - TG, C. Kenney - RO, C. Hetrick - WG, A. Knox - WG, E. Peters - AE. J. Lester - B, D. Scheuch - N, J. Stoner - CP, A. Willard Reese- P.
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Lt A. Willard Reese and crew overseas in the 751st Squadron. (Note the snow). One addition to the photo is P. (Rocky) Brook who was added to our crew after the loss of our original Navigator, Don Scheuch
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