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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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The crew of Carl P. Sundbaum. Standing: Warren W. Nixon - Bombardier, Theodore F. Scanlan - Navigator, Glaileo F. Bossion - copilot, Carl P. Sundbaum - Pilot.
Kneeling: Brooks H. Estes - Tail Gunner, Edward J. Zeitz - Ball Turret Gunner, Harold H. Reynolds, Arnold r. Peacock - Waist Gunner, John V. Brennan - Radio Operator, Julian S. Smith - Engineer.
This is a picture provided by Mike Leveillard whose father in law was Harvey G. Henkel, waist gunner on this plane. The crew was also the last one lost in combat by the 457th. The crew is --- standing: R. Truba - bombardier, C. Winters - navigator, J. Taylor - copilot, W. Thistle - pilot --- Kneeling: L. Smith - tail gunner, L. Domato - radioman, J. Taylor - Ball turret, J. Miller - flight engineer, Harvey G. Henkel - right waist gunner kneeling on the right.
The K. H. Brittle Crew. Standing from left to right: K. H. Brittle, Pilot. Next to Brittle is Robert L. Fortner, Co-Pilot filling in for this mission from the James L. Hall crew.
Standing left to right: Flt. Eng. T/T .. T/Sgt. Alan Morton; R. Navigator .. Lt. James Quarry; Grp. Navigator .. Capt. Clifford Chandler; Air Commander .. Col. Harris Rogner; Pilot .. Capt. H. A. Schuler; and Gunner, LW .. S/Sgt. Louis Qualls. Squatting, left to right: Tail Gunner .. Lt. Jacob Kosman; Radio Operator .. T/Sgt. George Langowski; Navigator .. Lt. R. W. Forbes; and Grp. Bombardier .. Capt. George Cahelo.
The Hutson crew standing near "Luck of Judith Ann". Standing; Howard Layton - WG, Sgt Coffman- Eng, Sgt Reider - RO, Sgt Goosseine - WG, Sgt Forber - TG, Sgt Pfiefer - BT.
Kneeling; Lt Hutson - P, Lt Jones - CP, Lt Engleheare - N, Lt Hughes - B.
The Hutson crew standing on the wing of "Luck of Judith Ann". See photo above for names.
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