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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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This is part of the crew of Lt. Henry S. Blach. Standing left to right: S/Sgt William E. Wilson, tail gunner- S/Sgt Robert Seastrand, Lt. Harry S. Blach and S/Sgt Wendell H. Perry standing in front of their plane presumed to be Rene V.
This is the crew of Lt Sherrill Williams. All but two members of the crew perished while flying on a mission to Hopsten on Mar 24th, 1945.
This is the crew of Andy Fulton in early summer of 1944. Standing (L to R) Francis Larntz, Rt WG, John Mahinske, Ball T, Calvin Taylor, Lft WG, Richard Gardner, Flt Engr, Frank Cuetara, R/O.
Kneeling (L to R)Andy Fulton, Pilot, Charlie Craig Bmbdr., R.' Bill 'Kelley, Co-Pilot, J Fonda, Nav.. Unseen (taking the pic) is Bob Wills, Tail Gunner.
-Lead crew--Oct. 26,'44 Standing (L to R): Name unknown - Formation coordinator, Andy Fulton - Pilot, Col. Rogner- Air Commander, Cliff Chandler - Grp Nav, J.Fonda - DR Nav.
Kneeling (Lto R): Oscar Stauff - 'Mickey' Nav - George Cahelo - Grp Bmbdr, Frank Cuetara - R/O, Cal Taylor - Waist Gun. Bob Wills sitting in for Dick Gardner - Flt Engr who was otherwise occupied.
The Don Zeiler crew posed in front of 43-38479, "Thy Will Be Done".
The crew members are: Don Zeiler, Sidney Bacon, Hiram Drache, William Oliver, Samuel Gelvin, Dominic Muscato, Donald Swisher, Carl Lewis, Stanley Patterson, and James Rodel.
The crew of Lt Brunner.
The crew members names are unknown:
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