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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Plane 42-98024, Que Up, and the lead crew on a mission to Lohne on Mar 14th, 1945. Crew: Capt E. H. Humble, Lt N. J. Beam, Lt J. T. Freese, Capt T. A. Goff. Lt H. Merrit, Lt F. F. Sulpizi. Sgt B. J. Carroll, Sgt R. W. Edwards, Sgt C. A. Sneer, Sgt L. B. Reinhart.
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Plane s/n 44-8706 and lead crew on mission to Zossen on Mar 15th, 1945. Front row: Sgt L. L. Epps, Capt H. A. Schuller, Capt T. A. Goff, Lt R. W. Forbes, Capt E. B. Dozier, Lt W. T. Wilborn, Lt J. L. Quarry, Lt J. Medwin, Sgt c. d. Zhe, Sgt E. L. McAdams.
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The lead crew on Mission to Dresden on Apr 17th, 1945. Capt William H. Dudley, Lt John W. Cantillion, Lt Arthur D. Robolio, Lt Frank H. Keyser, Lt Robert Ryan Sgt Donald A. Priestley, Sgt Charlse E. DeCorte, Sgt Jesse J. Deedard, Sgt Lloyd R. Burns.
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Plane 42-97649, Paper Warrior, and lead crew on mission to Dresden, Germany on Apr 17th, 1945. Commander, Lt Nelson, Pilot, Lt Reed, Nav. Lt Bird, Nav. Lt Rizzo, Bombardier, Lt Major.
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Lear crew on Mission to Berlin on Mar 18th, 1945. Capt R. Lyons, Capt F. Rollins, Capt T.A. Goff, Lt W. Seil, Lt V. Lekman, Sgt J. Clary, Sgt L. Vittitow, Sgt A. Pennington, Lt W. Fauntleroy, Lt F. Basuil.
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Lead crew flying 44-8785, Crack Up, on a mission to Falkenberg, Germany on Apr 19th, 1945. Capt William Gibbons, Lt Russell A. Nowling, Lt Clark Hovey, Lt John C. Mccullough, Lt Dale F. Baldwin, Sgt Stephen Skulsa, Sgt John M. Handler, Sgt Theodore F. Steale, Lt Robert D. Shaw
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