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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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One of the crews that flew "Remember Me? / Georgia Peach. Pilot - Alan Sheakley, Nav - Bradley Bunker, 2nd, Dick Gibbs, Tony Papianni, Mike Hoyt, Alan Sharpe, Murell Tobian, Dale Jeffers.
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This is the lead crew that flew to Halberstadt, Germany on Apr 8th, 1945. Plane s/n 44-8873 was piloted by Capt Fredrick G. Smithson with Lt Robert W. Gronberg, Lt Herman D. Walker, Lt Robert W. McMakin, Sgt Albert K. Richards, Sgt Martin O. Olsen, Lt Hobart W. Merritt, Sgt James L McGill, Sgt Ashmun J. Ripley.
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Plane s/n 43-38885 and crew after a mission to Freihan on Apr 11, 1945. Pilot was Capt Fredrick G. Smithson. Crew were: Lt Harry Bocckino, Lt Robert K. Rodgers, Lt Joel Lester, Sgt Edward C. Lowery, Sgt Windsor J. Keaton, Sgt Richard F. Luchs, Sgt Stockley B. Gribble.
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Plane 44-8785, Crack Up and crew after mission to Royan, France on Apr 14th, 1945. Pilot was Capt F. G. Smithson.
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This is the lead crew on a mission to Dulmen, Germany on Feb 10th, 1945. Plane S/n 44-8557. Back row: Capt R. D. Stutzman, Capt H. A. Schuler, Major J. M. Havey, Lt H. A. Dolph, Capt T. A. Goff, Lt K.W. Morrow. Front row: Sgt L. L. Epps, Sgt A. M. Grisa, Sgt A. P. Boema, Lt D. Spatz
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Plane 42-32098, G. I. Virgin II, and lead crew on mission to Luxembourg on May 11th, 1944. Back row: Lt T. A. Goff Front row: Lt P. Umoff, Lt C. Schuchman, Lt W. Suddeth, Capt Dickenson.
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