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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Unknown Crew.
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Kings Crusader. This plane was borrowed from another field to fly men back to the States after the end of the war. This is one of those groups to be flown back. Don Sellon piloted this plane.
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This is the Kerr crew taken in Texas in 1944. This crew crashed into a mountain while trying to land in Switzerland after a raid to Munich on Jul 12th, 1944. All the officers were killed in the crash, four crewmen were POW's and one crewman was interned in Switzerland but later escaped through the French underground and returned to the USA. Their plane was 42-31552 "My Buddy".
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Part of the John Fox crew of 42-31630 "Pakawalup". They are: Calvin Campbell, Guy Wharton, Jack Muth, John Fox, Wilfred Fink.
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The crew of Lt Rudolph Stohl (P), David W. Schellenger (CP), John D Millham (N), James E. Thomas (B), Robert C. Kriete (EG), Walter W. Wagoner (RO), Irvin A. Welling (LWG), William Bemis (RWG), Sheldon E. Moore (BT), Charles L. Stewart (TG). This crew was shot down on May 28th 1944 on a raid to Dessau while flying 42-97067 "Black Puff Polly". One member of the crew was killed and nine were POW's.
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One of the crews that flew Tugunga!. Unknown crew members.
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