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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Lt Syptak and crew. Photo taken on Jun 30th, 1944.
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Lt. Teddy G.Shaw and crew. This crew was all killed on a mission to Weimar, Germany when their plane, " 'Tis Me Sugar" was lost on 8/24/1944. The crew on that date was: Lt Teddy G. Shaw, Lt Richard H. Parsons, Lt Jack M. Thames, Lt Paul J. Terjak, Sgt Robert P Stewart, Sgt Lawrence W. Erlings, Sgt J. Perry, Sgt Elbert Allen, Sgt Clarence Cox.
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Lt William Flannery and Lt J. Lowrey, Lt W. Meng, Lt J. Schloendern, Sgt Lagassa, Sgt G. Moore, Cpl D. Stowits, Pfc O. Petty, Pfc A. Swank, Sgt R. Storey.
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Lt Winfred L. Pugh and crew. F/O Art Richards, Lt Julius Drummind, Sgt Clifford Page, Sgt Edward Szumierz, Sgt James Woodgate, Sgt Joseph Wheatley, Sgt John Poshefko, Sgt Howard W. Martin.
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Lt A. W. Reese and crew in January, 1945. Standing: Sgt Albert Knox, Sgt Charles Kenny, Sgt Edward Peters, Sgt Percy Mack and unknown radar operator.
Kneeling: Lt Joel Lester, Lt Paul (Rockey) Brooks, Lt Willard (Hap) Reese, Lt James Stoner.
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Photo of lead crew on mission #140 to Bielefeld , Germany on Oct 26th, 1944. Standing: Sgt W. J. Scott, Capt Franklin Rollins, Lt Irwin G. Forry (pilot), Sgt J. O. Toal, Sgt Francis Crawford.
Kneeling: Lt Muir, Sgt William Norton, and unknowns.
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