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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Paschel's crew photographed on D-day, June 6th, 1945. Sgt Wilson, Sgt Brunick, Sgt Rugg, Sgt Russelll, Sgt Minor, Lt Paschal, Lt Burright, Lt Hain.
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Col Luper and crew after mission on Feb 22nd, 1944. Lt Edward M. Bender (Pilot), Lt Charles R. Blackwell (CP), Lt Earl E. Woodard (N), Edwin K. Fuller (B), Sgt James L. Free (E), Sgt John P. Sarico (WG), Sgt Laymon M. Mahan (RO), Sgt Charles O. Webber ((BT), Sgt Thomas C. Leahy (WG), Sgt Michael Woyurka (TG).
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This is the lead crew of Capt. Wallace which flew on Oct. 14th, 1944. Lt William A. Lawson, Lt Charles W. Ford, Lt george P. Korb, Lt Walter A. Sale, Lt Frank O. Pappenfuss, Sgt Robert F. Rhymer, Sgt John J. O'Toole, Sgt Harold W. McDaniel, Sgt George C. Hardin, and Capt John B. Wallace.
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This is the crew of Capt William Brackley on Sept 25th, 1944 with Major Rod Francis, Capt. W.H. Dupont, Lt. Fredrick W. Asbel, Capt David B. Jones, Lt Walter Sale, Sgt. Chester C. Madsen, Sgt William C. Adams, Sgt Boyd S. Bellinger, Lt Hays Bricka
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The crew of Capt Anderson that flew on Feb 15th, 1945. Lt Charles Schobert, Capt Kenneth Andersen, Lt Mathew F. Patulsky, Lt James H. Tolbart, Lt Fayette Densison, Lt Hovart W. Merritt, Sgt William B. Wilson, Sgt James P. Casey, Sgt Raymond J. Helbke, Sgt Harry C. Thortsen
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The crew of Major James Maguire that flew on Dec 18th, 1944. Capt Dale S. Jeffers, Maj James A. Maguire, Lt Lionel K. Cusson, Lt Walter H. Sale, Lt Francis J. Pitelka, Sgt George W. Emerson, Sgt Cedric N. Priest, Sgt Leo A. Steele, Lt Rex R. Monson, Lt Herbert a. Dolph.
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