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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Lt. Back Row: Evertt Broadie, Robert Ehlert, Robert Broadie, Burton Chenkin, Willard Becker, Ralph Hipsman. Front row: Lt David Saalfield, Lt Fred Oglesby, Lt Jack Gazzale. The copilot, Lt James Phillips is not shown in this photo. Photo taken in Pyote, TX.
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Lt John Fox and crew. Front Row: Lt John Fox, Lt Herbert Roclith, Lt Jack Muth, Lt Dick Hillman. Back Row: Sgt Alfred Rjaind, Sgt Calvin Campbell, Sgt Wilfred Fink, Sgt Dorsia Stutler, Sgt Wharton Tain.
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Lt. Gerald Kerr and crew with their plane Good Pickins.
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Capt Burmingham and the lead crew on mission to Metz, France on Nov 9th, 1944. Capt Haven A. Burmingham, Lt Fredrick Ernest, Lt George A. Voris, Lt Norman K. Nail, Lt Frank J. Bernd, Sgt Karl H. Mannisto, Sgt John S. Bozoudes, Sgt Albert D. Paulson, Sgt Nicola Toscano, Lt William D. Mock.
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Maj. Smith and Capt Schuchman led the mission to Oscherleiben, Germany on May 30th, 1944.
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Maj. Dickinson and lead crew on Aug 6th, 1944 mission to Genshagen, Germany.
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