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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Crew of Lt Fredrick C. Gaus (Pilot), Standing: Sgt Jack Woodford (E), Sgt Rpbert Pinkney (RO), Sgt Robert Glenn (WG), Sgt Walter McGuire (BT), Sgt Harold Reid (TG)
Kneeling: Lt Fredrick C. Gaus (P), Lt Ralph Gray (CP), Lt Bart Rizzo (N), Lt Arthur Fitch (B).
All the crew were POW's except Fred Gaus whose parachute failed to open.
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Lt Frank Morrell and crew in the USA. R. Koeler, C. Bradford, H Barris, L Fortna, D. McCardy, D. Parker. Frank Morrell, Ken Whitten, Larry Chibese.
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Lt Don Sellon and crew. This picture was taken in Sept 1944, in the USA. R. Tangney, W. Nowak, J. Bass, D. Jose, B. Johnson. Don Sellon Murray Yett, Anthony O'Brien, Ralph Kenyon.
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John Millmam and crew. William Benus, John Billington, Sheldon Moore, Robert Kriete, Erwin Welling. John Millmam, Rudolph Stohl, David Schellenger, James Thomas.
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Lt. John Medwin and crew. J. Medwin, H Lawyer, J. Grossman, E Martley, S. Lewin, G. Hanson. F. RJpanian, P. Predidio, F. Erllborn.
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This is the crew of Lt William T. Thistle. The information for this came from Mike Leveillard whose father-in-law (kneeling on the right) was Harvey Henkel, waist gunner. This crew holds the distinction of being the last crew lost by the 457th during WW II.
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