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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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Lt. A. W. Reese and crew with Capt Franklin Rollins of the 751st Squadron. Lt A. Willard Reese, Lt Paul Brook, Capt Franklin Rollins, Lt Joel Lester. Sgt. Percy Mack, Sgt Charles Kenney, Sgt Edward Peters, Sgt Clair Hetrick.
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The crew of Lt Gerald Kerr with their plane, Good Pickin. Lt G. Kerr, Lt A. Lindskoog, Lt E. Shilling, Lt M. Levine. Sgt L. Finneran, Sgt H. Alfors, Sgt E. Hegedus, Sgt Killion, Sgt D. Boyle. All the officers of this crew were killed attempting to land in Switzerland after a mission to Munich. Finneran was interned and the rest were POW's. None of this crew survives today.
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The crew of Lt A. W. Reese, taken in Gulfport, Miss. shortly before going overseas. Lt A. Reese, Lt J. Stoner, Lt D. Scheuch, Lt J. Lester, Sgt C. Hetrick, Sgt A. Knox, Sgt E. Peters, Sgt C. Kenney, Sgt P. Mack, and Sgt J McCloskey.
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The crew of Lt Ed. Reppa posed in the squadron area. Sgt S. Billisits, Sgt J. Harmke, Sgt C. Mehring, Sgt I. Browning, Sgt I. Feldman. Lt C. Overdahl, Lt E.J. Reppa, Lt G. Stateman, Lt A. J. Ayers.
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The crew of Lt William Biracree before going overseas. Lt G. Branstetter, Lt. E Ogletree, Lt W. Crouch, Lt W. Biracree. Sgt Robert Devaney. Sgt J. Carey, Sgt G. Young, Sgt Arthur Christiansen, Sgt L Trace, Sgt A. Bruce.
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Lt Joseph Maguire and crew. Their plane was named "Maguire's Chophouse". Lt J. Maguire, Lt R. McMorrow, Lt J. Taylor, Sgt R. Kaminski, Sgt H. Hughes, Lt L. Pool, Sgt O. Swisher, Sgt R Shreer.
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