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457th Bomb Group Accidents and Damage
to the Aircraft at Glatton
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group

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This is the crash landing of Don Sellon and his crew on Feb 9th, 1945. He ran out of gas on the approach after returning from a mission to Lutzendorf, Germany. 
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This plane 42-31588, 748th Squadron was damaged by a fighter attack on a mission to Lippstatd on Feb 21st, 1944. 
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Plane 42-102464 that crash landed in France after a mission to Le Bourget Airfield on June 14th, 1944. 
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Plane 42-106985, La Legende, crash landed at Glatton upon returning from a mission to Hamm, Germany on Apr 22nd, 1944. 
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Plane 42-106998, Paper Doll, mired in the mud on return from a mission to Mannheim, Germany on Sept 9th, 1944. 
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Flak damage in the front compartment of Rampant Pansy. 
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