The 1000th B-17 Aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Plant in California

Flight Record

42-38113 "Rene III"

(Dates link to Mission Narrative and Loading List for that mission)
February 21st, 1944 Gutersloh-Lippstadt, Germany
February 25th Augsburg, Germany
March 26th Watton, France
March 27th Tours, France
April 13th Schweinfurt, Germany
May 23rd Epinal-Blainville, France
May 25th Metz, France
May 27th Ludwigshafen, Germany
May 28th Dessau, Germany
June 14th Le Bourget, Melun, Villaroche, France
June 15th Angouleme, France
June 17th Monchy-Breton, France
June 19th Landes De Bussac, France
June 23rd St Martom L'Hortier &Newville-an-Blois, France
June 25th Montebartier, France
June 29th Leipzig, Germany
July 7th Leipzig, Germany
July 9th Haut Maisnil Blangemont, France
July 11th Munich, Germany
July 16th Munich, Germany
July 19th Augsburg, Germany
July 20th Leipzig, Germany
July 21st Schweinfurt, Germany
July 24th St Lo-Periers, France
July 25th St Lo, France
July 31st Munich, Germany
August 4th Anklin, Germany
August 24th Weimar, Germany
August 30th Mel, Germany
September 12th Lauta, Germany
October 28th Munster, Germany
October 30th Munster, Germany
November 5th Frankfurt, Germany
November 21st Friedberg, Germany
December 24th Coblenz, Germany
December 27th Gerolsten, Germany
December 30th Kaiserslautern, Germany
January 2nd, 1945 Mayen, Germany
January 13th Maximiliansau, Germany
January 28th Cologne, Germany
January 29th Seigen, Germany
February 10th Dulmen, Germany
February 15th Dresden, Germany
February 19th Gelsenkirchen, Germany
February 20th Nurenberg, Germany
February 24th Harburg, Germany
February 27th Leipzig, Germany
February 28th Soest, Germany
March 1st Goppingen, Germany
March 10th Hamm, Germany
March 11th Bremen, Germany
March 19th Fulda-Plauen, Germany
March 21st Hopsten-Achmer, Germany